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Gomo George Brer Rabbit Story

Year of production:1997

Running Time: 7:13min

Film after giving a lecture on Traditional African Art to the AABC group.  I used the Brer Rabbit story to interrogate the role of the Artist in Traditional Indigenous African societies.


A video done in collaboration with Plug In Galleries and Video Pool Winnipeg.  Featuring Gomo (Franklyn) George, Atik Bird, Christopher Bird-Reimer, Craig Charles.  The premise of the piece is the emergence of the artist of colour in the Canadian art scene and the struggle of participation experienced within Canadian Arts Institutions.

Gomo Storytelling at Davisville Public School

Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 4:29 min

Telling traditional Dominican stories some derived from African ancestry, like Brer Rabbit stories and Anansi are obviously modified to suite the environment and to illustrate the exisiting social setting.

The Race piece On Queen Street 2003

The Race Piece on Queen street is a twenty two Gallery Tour bewteen Roncesvalles Ave. and Bathurst Streets in Toronto. The galleries were chosen and informed by letter that they had been bestowed the honour of being a stop on the tour. Interestingly all the galleries were closed when we visited with our rolling sculpture. The tour started at 12:00 noon

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